Sunday, 7 August 2011

VICTORY!! Peace in our Time!

The news is spreading fast of the Great Victory of the Freedonian Army at the recent Battle of High Trees.

Following much aggressive posturing, the unspeakable Silvanians had advanced several miles into Freedonian Territory and were holding the village of High Trees. The Silvanians alleged they have some sort of spurious claim to this bit of the motherland, but this held no water with our gallent field commander General Cooper.
The Freedonian Field Army was supplemented by a regiment of infantry and a cavalry troop from the Grand Duchy of Glevum - a small but perfectly formed state that is well known for hiring out its troops to deserving causes.
Freedonian Command staff, itching to get at the enemy and agreeing on the direction of advance
Facing them, and lurking among the buildings and fields of High Trees village were the Silvanian Army composed of a regiment of infantry, a regiment of guards, and a regiment of mercenaries of dubious origin.
The Silvanian Guard Commander, lurks in typically underhand way in the village of High Trees - you can barely see his soldiers.

Masterfully positioning his headquarters on a rocky prominence overlooking the village, General Cooper swifty surveyed the situation and commanded the army to immediately advance to the attack.  Such bravery!  
General Cooper's Command Post - a Certain Distance from the Front line.
The Fredonian Army begins it implacable advance
The vanguard of the attack turned out to be the guard artillery battery - whose able commander eschewed conventional wisdom and drove his guns forward to better engage the enemy, outstripping the infantry.  Supporting on his left were some Glevum troops, including their cavalry troop.
The Silvanian Invaders.  You can tell by the cruel set of their mouths and the duelling scars.
The Silvanians, loth to come out of hiding and fight like men, stayed within the village and unlashed a constant barrage of shot from the artillery.  Their artillery commander - a glassy-eyed fanatic if ever there was one, fired continually without regard to range, accuracy or effectiveness - seeking, no doubt to intimidate the Freedonian Army through weight of fire alone.  No luck old chap.
Silvanian Artillery Commander unlashing unspeakable volumes of fire form his gun positions.
It was during this advance that the Silvanians lowered the tone still futher by committing an unspeakable atrocity by catapulting an innocent Nun (from the Chattering Order of St Agnes) over the rooftops of the building towards the Freedonian Army, coming to rest in the midst of the Artillery.  The troops recoiled in horror at this unspeakable act (though only to be expected from Silvanians), and ceased firing for a bit out of respect for the fallen Nun. 
The Cataputed Nun can be seen lying among the shocked arillery crew.  Is there no end to Silvanian Infamy!
The Freedonian Artillery commander looking on in Horror at the fallen Nun.
But atrocity and cruelty were not enough to stop the brave Freedonain forces.  The Cavalry on the left drove home their charge, despite being massively outnumbered, and taking high casualties from cannon fire to their front.  
The Glevum mercenary cavary come under a withering fire from the Silvanian Artillery
  The surviving soldier of this brave band of mercenaries charged into the Silvanian Infantry regiment deployed in open order in front of them and after a short melee forced them to run away (like little girls).  Had it not been for a lucky shot from the Silvanian guns, wiping out the surviving cavalry, the pursuit would almost certainly have led to a rout.
The bravery of the Cavalry - you can just see the Silvanians running away in the distance.

The cavalry assault was swiftly followed by an infantry assualt on the left by the Glevum mercenaries, who, despite taking huge casualties reached the battered Silvanians and engaged them in bitter hand to hand combat - only resolved by the intervention of the murerous Silvanian artillery who fired willy-nilly into the melee with a typical lack of concern for the risk to their own men! 

The trail of casualties left as the Glevum regiment assault the Silvanian Line.

The melee at it height - the Silvanians on the point of defeat.

As this was happening the Freedonian artillery was starting to play on the Silvanian positions and causing casualties.  We were also told that, thanks to the profligate firing by the Silvanian Artillery the enemy force was running low on ammunition.
The Grim-Faced Silvanian defenders desperately trying to make the last remaining shots count.
In the light of this General Von Cluck, the commander of the Silvanian force agreed to meet with General Cooper to discuss terms.  It was agreed that a 'peace line' be drawn through the village, and that the War would be brought to a close.  
Generals Cooper and Von Cluck negotiate the Deal on the field of battle.  Victory and Peace!
Hurrah!  Freedonia certainly taught the Silvanians a Lesson this time, and the battle was concluded with very few Freedonian casualties.

President Firefly said "I am delighted that this campaign has been completed with a Victory for Freedonia - especially with such a low expenditure of ammunition which we hadn't finished paying for yet".

It is hoped that a Grand Victory Parade will be held in the Capital shortly.  
Hail Hail to Freedona, Land of the Brave, and Free!

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