Tuesday, 2 August 2011

INVASION!!! WAR!!! EXCLAMATION MARKS! (...no you idiot don't print that bit...)

The Freedonian War Cabinet met in emergency session tonight as news has come in of aggression by the Silvanians.  This has been long expected, and the Silvanian claims that they have been provoked by so-called 'unreasonable demands' in an alleged 'ulimatum' from President Firefly is stuff and nonsense.  Well stuff anyway.
On hearing the news President Firefly said "Of course they realise this means WAR!"
President Firelfy announced "We'll fight them on the beaches...the seaside is nice this time of year don't you think?"
The Silvanian Storm Infantry and their new Shock Guards were reported moving through the border town of Horse Feather, and brave and enterprising locals managed to catch photographs of these aggressors on their way to probably commit some dastardly acts somewhere.
Glassy-eyed fanatical Silvanian Storm infantry march arrogantly down the main street of Horse Feather.  They won't get away with this!
The first images of the fanatical Silvanian Shock Guard regiment, evilly beweaponed and clearly looking to do something unspeakable.
Oh no!  Here they come - lock up your daughters and hide your food (...or is that the other way round?)

Orders have been sent out and General Smith is mobilising the militia and the presidential guard, who will march out to bravely fight the foe any day now.

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