Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hello Sailor!

"It is with some delight that I can announce the formation of the Freedonian Navy, by the aquisition of two Bulldog-Class river gunboats from those nice people at Wimpey-Fergusson".  President Firefly's speech was greeted with rapturous applause and cheering from the enthusiastic crowd gathered at the City Docks earlier today.  Firefley went on;  "..this is a Gala Day...and a gal a day is enough for anyone..."
The Freedonian Navy remains ever ready for a knock-down blow
The river gunboats, which apparently arrived in Freedonia in secret some weeks ago are now ready for action, complete with proper sailors and everything.  Each boat is equipped with a Krapp 18pdr QF Light Gun - the latest of its type.  The boats have a speed of several knots, and can accomodate at least a regiment of troops, or literally mountains of supplies.  The contract with the arms dealers Wimpey-Fergusson was signed following a slap up dinner with the President.

The FRS Firefly is commanded by Lt Commander Flashbang, and the FRS Cornetto by Lt Commander Backsight.  Both have experience of over 38 missions (simulated).
The Freedonian River Ship Firefly
Given recent events in the Crimson Empire, it is expected that one or more of these warships will be dispatched East very soon now.
The Freedonian River Ship Cornetto

The Freedonian riverine flotilla demonstrates formation sailing.

Minister Ravelli was quizzed on the situation in the Crimson Empire: "Wadda you sayin'?  There ain't a no sittuashun inna da Empire.  We get on fine wid 'ol Red Ken - he senda me a Christamas card last year."
Asked about the Pugilists, Mr Ravelli responded "They ain't so tough.  My pal Pinky, he get plenty tough on them, you'll see."

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