Monday, 8 August 2011

Crimson Empire Causing Trouble?

As the situation worstens in the Crimson Empire of the Emperor Ken-ishi, the Emperor's Chamberlain Lee Zhang said to the worlds press "There is nothing bad going on at all, absolutely not.  There have been a few high spirits following the traditional Festival of Pointy Things in July, but this has been mis-interpreted as a threat to the Freedonian Legation.  We have nothing against round-eyed foreign devils - even if they do all look alike.".
The flag of the Crimson Empire .
Despite assurances from the Imperial Government, attacks on foriegners have increased - led by a major anti-foregner faction known as the 'Pugilists'.

Intervention is on the cards, and President Firefly has announced the purchase of river gunboats from the Wimpey-Fergusson Company, well known for their fine ships.  The plan is to provide the ability to intervene, should Freedonian interests in far away places be under dire threat.  Mr Ravelli, the President's aide said "Its like this, we no gonna jus' attack nobody, but if they mess with us we get plenty tough on them.  Oh yes".

The proposed formation of the Freedonian Naval Detachment represents yet another example of how Freedonia is increasingly become a force in the world.  President Firefly said "Why, only yesterday night I was down at the  the docks actively seeking salty seamen."

Meanwhile... in the Crimson Empire

Red Emperor Ken-ishi, whilst a supreme leader possessing ultimate authority, still has to keep a variety of factions under control.
The Red Emperor Ken-ishi (centre left) in the Great Chamber of Wisdom, receiving the latest reports from his loyal Chamberlain Lee Zhang

The Pugilists.  The most troublesome factions, at present, are the Puglists, who espouse' traditional values' and the' honourable study of  martial strategy'.  What has, in the past, prevented the Pugilists from having much political influence is their tendency to fragment into rival 'schools' - each professing to hold a particular way of martial enlightnment that far outshines any of the others.  Proving martial superiority can only be determined in one way, by constant mock battles between the rival schools - 'bushumi' or or 'war - games' as they are known.   The rules of these games have been elaborated over centuries and are often regarded as esoteric and obscure by the uninitiated.  The most traditional refer, with reverence, to the "Roku-ban' or '6th Edition' of these rules as being the most enlightened - and these have been in use since the last century.

Emperor Ken-ishi watches a demonstration fight between rival schools of Pugilists.

Other factions include :
The Modernists - who want the Crimson Empire to embrace modern technology, and to become once more a powerful world-class Empire.  They point to the technological developments in places such as Forbodia and Freedonia and seek to become more like them.  Modernists tend to dress like westerners and copy their habits.
The Reformists - these are a tiny minority who seek to introduce concepts such as democracy and constitutional monarchy into the Empire.  They are not much favoured by the Emperor.
The Buddhists - who want an Empire run much more of religious lines, and are particulalry pacifistic.
...there are many more but these are the principle factions

Emperor Kenishi recieves yet another report from his Chamberlain.
The Emperor is, by tradition, above politics and does not express a view.  However diplomatic staffs report that the Emperor is a traditionalist of sorts, and there are accusations that he has not been sufficiently discouraging of the Pugilists' violent behaviour towards foriegners.  This, they have taken as an indication that they can move without redress to remove all pernicious foreign influences form the Empire.

Where will it all lead?

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