Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Under Siege - Our Women At Risk!

Horrific news is coming in of a major uprising in the Capital city of the Crimson Empire, Kau-Ti-Hau.  Foreigners are being attacked and there have been some deaths.  There are rumours of European women suffering entirely untoward attentions from unsuitable oriental types.

European nationals have gone to their Legations for protection, and large numbers of civilians are besieged in these substantial buildings under the protection of small gallant detachments of Legation guards.  We are told that the Silvanian, Bosrovian and Freedonian Embassies are under siege, and whilst the Puglists (for it is they) have made several attacks, they are finding it hard to break in quickly.

It would seem that the two main Puglist Schools in the City, the Red Monkey School and the Blue Heron School have settled their differences and unitied against a common rival.
The Crimson Empire's armed forces have been enhanced by the addition of two 'dragon guns'.  These are not thought to be servicable.

The Emperor has claimed that he is raising the Imperial Army to put down this insurrection, but that this may take some time as communications are disrupted as a result of disorder in the capital.
Past experience has shown that the Imperial Army could take months to form, and even then it does not have much in the way of combat experience, being largely cermonial in nature.  Meanwhile many foriegn merchant warehouses and homes have been looted and many are in flames.
The primitive soldiers of the Crimson Empire appear to be armed with swords and spears!  They are unlikely to stand for long against resolute European troops, even with the unreliable aid of their Dragon Guns.

Urgent talks have been entered into between the Freedonian, Bosrovian and Silvanian Governments, and it has been agreed that a joint expeditionary force be dispatched to relieve the Legations and rescue the womenfolk (and menfolk, obviously).
President Firefly said "It is indeed fortunate that the Silvanians saw sense recently and made peace - we can now go forward together as Brothers In Arms".

The Bosrovian charges d'affair in Freedonia said "...this is unacceptable...nobody messes with our women, we will fight for their honour".  "Which is more than they ever did..." quipped a nearby head of state.

A further disturbing report, however, is that numbers of mercenaries from the Grand Duchy of Glevum have been seen arriving in the outskirts of Kau-ti-Hau - and they appear to be in the employ of a faction in the city.  This cannot be a good thing, as Grand Duchy troops are famed for their ruthless efficiency and lack of moral compass.  (follow their mercenary ramblings here)


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