Sunday, 21 August 2011

Old Wars

Even though we are now, nominally, at peace with the Silvanians, historians and students of military strategy still review and dicusss (endlessly) past campaigns.  One well-known battle in the recent border war is the Battle of Kempshott Hill.
This was interesting in that the Freedonian forces acted with uncharacteristic elan - rushing the enemy positions regardless of casualties.
The Militia regiments were particularly hard hit in the assault, taking oer 80% casualties - but, by their sacrifice, paving the way for the ultimate victory of Freedonian arms.

The Freedonian Film Corporation has made a movie of this battle, which has received much cirtical acclaim..
"...this was a film..." - Imperial Cinema Magazine
"I've never seen anything like it" - Freedonian Times
"...unbelievable...." - Bosrovian Daily Record
"...I'm on a horse..." - Glevum Gleaner

You can see the movie here:

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  1. I loved it so much I commented on your blog on my blog and also my Facebook page where i shared it. I hope to see another video.

    James of Quantrill's Toy Soldiers.