Sunday, 31 July 2011

Presidential Guard On Parade

President Firefly's personal assistant, Mr Ravelli announced today that the new Presidential Guard Regiment has been formed, representing the most elite unit in the Freedonian Armed forces.
Mr Ravelli, the Presidents 'trusted' aid at a recent press conference.
"Itsa a bunch of pretty tough hombres to be sure mista", said Mr Ravelli at the press conference "..they taka no lip from them Silvanians - and any trouble and they getta plenty tough on them, yeah, plenty tough".

The Minister of War had no comment, though the press corps reported hearing several loud blasts on a horn.

The Elite Presidential Guard on parade for review, resplendent in their distinctive genuine gold (colour) helmets,
The formation of this new regiment signals yet another step in the growing sense of impending tension.  At the same time as the announcement of this unit, reports are coming in of the Silvanians raising yet another regiment, this time called the Guard Shock Regiment.  Little is known of these ruthless cold-eyed killers and molestors of the innocent, but rest assured it can't be good.  Thank goodness for President Firefly's foresight.  Hurrah!
There are also reports of the impending addition to the defence of Freedonia in the form of radical new technology.  Influenced by the high level of motorization in the Forbodian Army, a number of crates labelled 'tractor parts' have arrived from the Rolls Royce factory in England.  One thing  is certain,  our President will be looking for nothing but the best for our Lads.

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