Friday, 22 July 2011

Freedonian Marvello-Gun Seen in Public for the First Time

Crowds gathered outside the Kempshott barracks today as the shiny new Freedonian Marvello-Gun was unveiled to the public.  This gun, thought to have been purchased from a foreign manuafacturer via shady Forbodian Arms Dealers, is being described by the Forbodians (with a charactristic disregard for spelling) as a 'Vonder Veapon'.
"Whatever happens we have got, the Marvello-Gun - and they have not"

Recent tests at the Knuston Training Grounds indicated its superior range and muzzle-velocity, and there was a general agreement between the major Powers that such a weapon was far too powerful to be used in 'everyday' warfare.
Powered by a top-secret chemical propellant, the cannonballs from this gun are projected faster than the human eye can follow, causing wonder and amazement from all onlookers.
The Marvello-Gun has not been revealed before today because of a lack of suitably-trained gun crew.  The newly formed Corps of Regional Artillery Personnel (pictured) has been undergoing intensive formation training, and were able to demonstrate that Freedonian military know-how is clearly something to be reckoned with - or at least seriously considered.

CRAP Gunnners deploy the amazing Marvello-Gun
Technical so-called experts from the 'think tank', the Freedonian Instititute for Creativity, Knowledge, Learning and Education, are suggesting that the Marvello-Gun is merely an empty gesture, designed to show one-upmanship in the field of international politics, as the gunners cannot see the fall of shot, and hence cannot aim properly.  Also the ammunition is can only be obtained from a highly unreliable overseas source, making it vulnerable to Foreign Interference.
President Firefly dismissed these comments, saying "They'll be hearing from my lawyers, Hunkerdunker, Hunkerdunker, Hunkerdunker, Hunkerdunker,and McCormack...take a letter..."

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