Wednesday, 6 July 2011

President Firefly Reviews the New Militia

Following an intensive period of training, the first new regiments of the Freedonian Militia paraded in front of the presidential palace - resplendent in their new black uniforms.  Recruitment has been bouyant, as loyal Freedonians rally to their country's defence.
Square-jawed honest Sons of Freedonia preparing to Do Their Bit For Freedonia
The Army Commander General Smith, said "We are very proud of our new soldiers - they represent the very best of Freedonia".
Photographs have been smuggled out of Silvania of their growing militarism, and they are clearly mobilising for some major aggressive actions. 
Ruthless, steely-eye Silvanian Storm Infantry, clearly planning something offensive
President Firefly addressed the Senate, saying "...nobody calls a Firefly an upstart, and the Silvanian Ambassador must withdraw what he said to Mrs Teesdale.  These are my Principles, and if you don't like them, I have others".

Meanwhile, the situation in the Crimson Empire worstens - the handful of gallant militia are guarding the gates of the Freedonian Legation from growing numbers of armed rioters.  We are living in troubled times.
Rioters viewed from the walls of the legation

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  1. "The locals are revolting!"

    "I know - I've seen their paintwork."