Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Freedonia Welcomes its New President

In a surprise move in the senate today the old President has been removed due to alleged  financial mis-management of the Freedonian economy.  Wtih tension rising with neighbouring Silvania the influential Teesdale family has put its support behind maverick statesman Rufus T Firefly for President.

Firefly is known for his ability to handle difficult situations and is no newcomer to the rough and tumble of Freedonian politics.

His first actions may be to raise taxes for improvements to a new and modernised Freedonian militia, who even as we write are being mustered in Kempshott Barracks.  Rumour has it that new and powerful cannons have been purchased and are on their way.

Those Silvanians had better watch out - with Firefly at the helm, Freedonia will fight for its honour.

The Silvanian ambassador has been reported to be in close talks with the Firefly government, but there is no sign of tension reducing.  Rumours of Silvanian mobilisation are even now leaking out of that sorry state.

No comment has been heard yet from the freedom-loving, if rather confused Forbodians.  Which side they will back remains, as ever, unclear - King Boris was not available for comment as he was tending to his pet Cow.

In other news - disturbances have been reported near the Freedonian embassy to the Crimson Empire of Emperor Ken-ishi.  There have been calls for an expeditionary force to be sent to protect Freedonian trade and other interests - though in the current economic climate at home such an expedition might still be weeks away.

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  1. Forbodia will definitely be supporting one side. Or possibly the other one.