Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Exercises Officially Deemed A Success.

General Smith, chief of the Freedonian General Staff announced today the results of the recent joint exercises and military manoevers recently conducted in the neutral Knuston training grounds.
The General said "This was a triumph...I'm making a note here; 'Huge Success'".

Operating in conjunction with the phlegmatic Cordeguayan Army, on a fact-finding visit from their native South America, the Freedonian Militia aquitted themselves well. They were able to conduct friendly military manoevers against the Forbodians, led by King Boris - who turned up in person to lead his troops.
King Boris has found the battlefield..hurrah! (Picture coutesy of the Forbodian Times)

Initial concerns have been expressed by independent observers about the somewhat worrying accuracy and range of the Forbodian artillery (paticularly their new howitzers).  Official Freedonian sources say they are not all that bothered, as that sort of accuracy probably wouldn't be possible in actual battlefield conditions.  Probably.
Of greater concern was the presence of sinister Silvanian Imperial Storm Infantry at the excerise, apparently at the invitation of the Forbodians.  It can only be speculated that King Boris invited them in a moment of confusion.

Silvanian Storm Infantry skulking about in the Rear Areas.  Typical!
The First and Second Freedonian Militia detachments formed up and ready for Smart military action. 
Note they are at the Front of the battle line.

There was also an opportunity to test the new amazing 'Marvello-guns' that have recently been imported - though there is widespread acceptance that they are far too powerful to be allowed in real warfare, and their use on the battlefield has been banned.  In tests it was reported that the shots fired from these guns went so fast they could not be seen.  The full implications of bullets that go faster than light have yet to be assessed.
President Firefly said "We welcome the restrictions on the use of the new 'Vonder Veapon' in war - and we assert our democratic right to not use more of these weapons than anyone else".

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  1. King Boris resents any suggestion that he was in any way confused. Bewildered - always, but never confused.