Thursday, 21 July 2011

Morale Boosted In the Capital - Official

As the gloomy overcast skies of impending conflict gather, the President has formed a delightful new Pipe and Drum Corps to boost civilian - and of course military - morale.  Inspired by the highland regiments of olde England - the Corps has both bagpipe and drum elements.  Kitted out in the McFirefly tartan, the President said "There were Fireflys at Culloden.  And Horseflies.  The horseflies were on the Fireflys.  Anyway I can trace my ancestors all the way back to Bonnie Scotland...and when I catch up with them they're going to pay up what they owe me!"
The band played a number of stirring tunes, including the catchy ballad "We're all going to kick the Silvanians..", the stirring "Lets not be beastly to the Forbodians", and the ever popular "We're going to hang out our washing on the Silvanian Frontier"
The concert was rounded off by a stirring rendition of the National Anthem "Hail Hail to Freedonia" - and many of the onlookers joined in - one or two even managing to remember more than one verse!  
A collection was made for the War Effort, and it is reported that the President, who took the salute, had tears in his eyes when he saw how much had been collected.

It is rumoured that there is frontier trouble on the Southern border near the town of Northbury, and several regiments of brave Freedonian militiamen are urgently considering the possibility of departing for the front.  No doubt the Pipe and Drum Corps will be marching with them to spur them on to to greater mean successes.

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