Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Kingdom of Silvania Rattles Sabre

News is coming in of the militaristic Silvanians ruthlessly expanding their military might with the formation of a new Regiment of 'Rangers'.  

Allegedly, these troops are trained to operate in the rough and mountainous border regions, and (according to the Silvanians) they are an 'elite' unit capable of living off the land and skilled in long range operations.  Obviously they would have to be able to live off the land due to Silvania's famouly useless logistic train.

The Rangers, or 'The Rosehats' as they are known to many are skilled at cowardly manoevers such as ambushing and outflanking, and there have been many a brave Freedonian border guard who will have been assaulted roughly from the rear by these so-called 'Rangers'.

Other News

The Sound of Distant Drums
News is just reaching us of further unrest in the Darkest Africa where Freedonian Missionaries and Traders have been bringing the delights of civilisation to the savage inhabitants of Bonkhobonkholand.  
The natives are becoming very restless and there is a concern that they might not want to be made to wear proper trousers and eat Freedonian Lasagne like civilised chaps.  Where will it all end, one wonders?

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