Monday, 12 August 2013

Freedonian Army Forms First Cavalry Regiment

There was much cheering and jollity throughout the brave Republic of Freedonia of the news that Freedonia's defence is further enhanced by the formation of a highly trained body of cavalry.  The Rose Growers Federation of Freedonia spokesman said "... this can only be good news for our roses ... "

This is going to be one in the eye for those Silvanian Ruffians over the border.  No more will they dare threaten our way of life, land and womenfolk now that the brave boys of the 1st Cavalry Regiment can hunt them down like the weasals they are (once the weasal hunting season starts anyway).


  1. Two years to form a cavalry regiment? That's what happens when the troopers keep eating the horses....

  2. Look, Freedonian Lasagne a Cheval is a national delicacy - ok?

    And would everyone stop calling them "The unspeakable mounted on the inedible"?

  3. You could not hope to meet a more dashing group of men ... usually dashing to the rear, I suspect!

  4. There are often important duties to be performed at the rear. The 'Dashing First' takes very seriously the role of protecting the baggage. Though the Colonel's mistress does not like the term ...