Friday, 16 August 2013


The Maharaja of Clewgistan has recently announced an increase in trade tariffs on goods coming from Freedonia, and his close advisor the Grand Vizier Dendristi, has been making inflammatory speeches to the hill tribesmen of that far-off land.
The possibly deranged Maharaja of Clewgistan

As a result the easily inflamed  tribesmen launched unprovoked attacks on the trading post of the Wimpey Fergusson Machine Tools and Tractor Parts Company located in the foothills of the Clewg Mountains.  

The brave mercenaries of the Wimpey Fergusson Guard Bn

This post is gallantly defended by the Wimpey Fergusson Company Guard Battalion, and news has not yet emerged as to these gallant troops' safety or otherwise.
Things are looking pretty sticky ...

Heathen hordes of enraged tribesmen

Clearly this is an affront to all right thinking Freedonians.  As our revered President Firefly said to Parliament "... this is an outrage!  I have principles you know!  And if you don't like them I have others!.  This may mean war ..."

The Silvanians have officially denied having anything to do with the uprising.  But they would say that wouldn't they? 

Meanwhile - Science News

Professor Kokintz is a Famous Scientist
The Freedonian Institute of Science and Agriculture has been receiving reports from astronomers, in particular the famous Professor Kokintz, who have been reporting unusally atmospheric disurbances on the surface of Venus.  The famous Professor said "...zey look just like ze little poofs, you know..."

A spokesperson  for FISA said "...despite wild speculation, we can officially state that the chances of anything coming from Venus is at least 100,000 to one."

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